System Design

Our design engineers have many years experience in providing bespoke innovative design solutions to commercial customers often exceeding their requirements and expectations.

We only offer the highest quality fire and security products on the market today and as an open protocol provider we can provide the best value-for-money package without the constraints of working with one manufacturer. This quality is matched by a commitment to service excellence and an unrivalled complete fire and security solution.

From initial design and installation to final commissioning, monitoring and servicing, we can provide each service separately or as part of an overall package.

When it comes to fire and security, you can't take any chances. What you need is a reliable, dependable partner who won't take advantage of you when your system breaks down or needs updating. As skegness's leading independent, open protocol supplier and maintainer of fire and security products we are ideally placed to advise you on the most appropriate systems for your individual requirements. Open protocol systems allow freedom of choice by the specifier, the installer and the end user of the fire alarm system.

The owner of a system using an open protocol can freely choose a different company to service the system or to supply different upgraded equipment. We combine this freedom of choice with the peace of mind that you are selecting the highest quality products. From initial design to installation, final commissioning, monitoring and serviceif required we can offer a complete solution specifically tailored to meet your exact needs. Not only that, but once a system is installed, you can rely on our excellent after-sales service provided by our team of qualified engineers 24/7. This commitment to service excellence is matched by our resolve to only work with the world's leading manufacturers.