Hallgate can offer:-

  • Supply and installation of CCTV – to NSI approved Standards – specially designed for specific needs
  • CCTV maintenance and repairs – including upgrading and maintaining older or damaged systems
  • Remote access – ability to monitor CCTV from your iPhone, iPad, smartphone & computer from anywhere in the world.
  • We use a range of interchangeable cameras and lenses which enables flexibility to meet customers changing needs.

CCTV Security

Hallgate offer a wide range of CCTV systems, for the home and business. We can offer a design, installation and maintenance service, ensuring an exceptional level of high quality service and customer satisfaction.

All our systems are designed to meet the requirements of the British Standard NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Code of practice and the Data Protection Act.

We are able to cater for a large range of businesses, premises and customer requirements. We can supply cameras that will record in high definition with inferred night time viewing for peace of mind. A properly designed monitoring system can save a lot of potential distress acting as an effective deterrent.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the perfect system for each customer, whether it is a small, relatively inexpensive installation or extensive system of monitoring. As part of your comprehensive service we keep you well informed about your equipment, providing maintenance alerts. We ensure competitive prices and superior quality. There are various types of CCTV installation systems.

Standalone CCTV:

The use of CCTV is common place in most retail outlets and businesses but with the introduction of broadband and remote viewing it is increasingly common in domestic properties. Camera quality has improved dramatically in recent years and can now pan, focus and track movement as well as night vision and heat detection camera being common place. We will work with you to get the best solution for your budget.

Covert Equipment:

We can supply and install covert equipment on a temporary or permanent basis depending on your need. This type of equipment can be used for recording things like anti-social behaviour or workforce negligence. Our service is very discrete and we will work with you to achieve specific and effective results.


A dome cameras get their name from the dome-shaped housing in which they sit. These housings are designed to make the cameras unobtrusive… not covert or hidden. Typical applications are retail, where the camera is designed to be unobtrusive, but visible.

Infrared/Night Vision:

These night-vision cameras have the ability to see images in pitch black conditions using IR LEDs. In some cases they are for mobile applications.


The key to outdoor cameras is the housing itself, which must be impenetrable to moisture, insects, dust and other elements.

Day / Night:

Day/night cameras compensate for varying light conditions to allow the camera to capture images. These are primarily used in outdoor applications where the security camera is positioned for an outdoor car park, for example. In many cases, units are dubbed as having a wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight 24/7.