Fire Extinguishers & Equipment

Hallgate Lincs Ltd supply, commission and install a whole range of fire extinguishers for any type of use or building, such as Water, CO2, Foam, Wet chemical and fire blankets ect.

We install high quality equipment meeting British Standards  Kite Mark BS53836

In order to ensure portable units are working efficiently, fire extinguishers need to be serviced annually

Our Engineers are qualified to current British Standards and all our work complies with British Standards BS5306.

We ensure that:-

  • Equipment is completely accessible and is not obstructed in any way
  • The pressure is at a recommended level
  • The nozzle and other parts of the device are all working as necessary
  • No one has interfered with the pin and tamper seal
  • There are no signs of abuse or wear & tear

Additional services we offer:-

  • Associated signage
  • Fire blankets & fire extinguishers of various sizes
  • Brackets
  • Cabinets to hold your extinguishers
  • Conventional Systems
    • If you are looking for a simpler, reliable fire alarm system and you have a small building, then a conventional (non-addressable) fire alarm could be the solution. A conventional fire alarm allows you to have multiple detectors and sounders, each of which can be divided up in to zones. Unlike addressable fire alarms, each detector can not be identified individually so it does make a fire harder to locate, which is why this system is only suitable for smaller buildings.

Our conventional control panels allow you to test and monitor the function of the entire system. It will alert you to any potential problems with the sounders or detectors so you can arrange repairs or servicing as necessary, maintaining your complete protection. We offer conventional systems ranging from a 2 zone up to 16 zone.

At Hallgate Electrical we're not beholden to any one manufacturer. As an independent Fire Safety specialist, we can supply, install and service all types of alarms across Lincolnshire and the UK.